Meeting dates are posted the meetings page and are announced regularly in local area newspapers. The next meeting is also posted on the home page as well an automated reminder is sent to everyone on the Yahoo (The Loop).

The Hunterdon Computer Club general meetings are open to the general public at no charge and all interested parties may attend on a walk-in basis. Meetings are usually held on the 3rd Saturday of each month at the Hunterdon Medical Center, Route 31 North, Flemington, NJ. Meetings start at 9:00 am, refreshments are served followed by an open Q&A and then the presentation in the auditorium from about 10:30am to Noon. The meeting date changes some months to accommodate holidays or Medical Center activities.

The club also occasionally has sit down breakfast meetings held at local restaurants where the club pays for the meal and gratuity costs. These meetings are also open to the pubic on a walk-in basis but have a per person fee of $12.00 or the amount posted in the meeting announcement to cover costs for the meal and gratuities. The meal and gratuity fee is waived for all members with paid memberships and for renewed memberships or new memberships paid at the meeting.

See the home page for information about the next meeting or meetings page for times and dates of all upcoming meetings.

Membership information

Dues are $25 a year, $30 for a family. Checks should be made payable to HUNTERDON COMPUTER CLUB and brought to a club meeting. For mailing contact the club officers at a meeting to obtain a mailing address. Membership includes optional access to the club’s Yahoo (The Loop) discussion group where you can get help and share relevant information.

The Hunterdon Computer Club is open to all levels of computer users and computer systems. The club has beginners as well as professionals in the field and aims to share experiences and help at meeting and via on-line services such as the blog and the help loop.

There are no age or experience qualifications for membership. We have members from age 10 to 100, with systems from antique PC’s to Pentium, using WIN 3, WIN95/98, NT, Me, XP, Vista, WIN 8.1, Linux, MAC’s, iPads, Androids, Chromebooks, smart phones, gadgets and anything new that turns up. We especially welcome people new to computers.

Many members have a strong pursuit of digital photography and video.

As well members follow a policy to provide volunteer efforts to the community.

Membership support efforts of the club as well as provide refreshments for the open to the public meetings.

Check History to find out more about the Club.

Computer Volunteers Project

The club’s ongoing Computer Volunteers Project is a service project offering free help with computer problems to non-profit agencies within Hunterdon County.

Yahoo Group (The Loop)

Hunterdon Computer Club Yahoo Group

This is the club’s forum for making announcements and answering questions about technology.

Requires a paid up membership to make posts and to receive posts to your email address. John Gbur is the forum administrator and you can contact him at meetings for info or help on getting set-up.

Over the years the club used various means of electronic communities. This started in the days of modems and BBS (Bulletin Board Services). The first services was hosted by Jac Carroll and called Midnight Madness. This gave way to the internet and we maintained a moderated email system. We called it The Loop. Eventually we moved to Yahoo groups that is both a group discussion forum and email system. Members can post questions about their computers and have other members participate in getting answers.

Link Up at LinkedIn

If you want to link professionally with other club members or wish to enhance your Linked Profile, follow the club’s LinkedIn Page

Web Site

Webmaster: Lon Hosford

The web site has run since the 1990’s. The club domain name was originally captured by Bill Woodall who first provided the club’s hosting service. Paul Glattstein was the first web master creating the club web site content. He performed this service through 2007 when the site was transitioned to WordPress as a blog format. Lon Hosford currently provides the hosting service to the club and also maintains the club content as the club’s web master. Members with club responsibilities or are club writers can request access from the webmaster to allow posting blog articles or maintain web site pages relevant to their activity. Requests are reviewed by active members performing key club tasks.


908 437 8785.