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5/17/2014 Paul Weeks Automated License Plate Readers
Caveat emptor (buyer beware) has always been the case in purchasing consumer electronics like televisions despite consumer protection laws. Finding information, vendors, retailers in the digital age has become more complex and prone to fraud. Evaluating warrantees and support even more so. You are faced with a plethora of vendors and models that are here today and gone tomorrow. This presentation will set you up with the tools to correctly research electronic products before you make any purchases. You will go away with a check list that will help you avoid lemons and get the best item for your needs.
3/15/2014 Paul Glattstein Cut the Cable
Paul broke down the TV viewing options into equipment, services and content. Essentially there were many choices in each category. For example the technologies, devices and services included Roku, Chromecast, Apple TV, Aereo, Amazon, Netflix, HBO Go and many more. Plus it all is in a state of constant flux. For example Aereo which gets you access to local television out of reach of your antenna, is being sued. Amazon Prime is now raising its annual fee. Apple TV and Roku could not offer YouTube but recently both have added them. In the area of content, you mainly felt like you were getting all the TV guides from many towns and having to sort through them to find content you might want to watch. Some might be free, some may be on demand and some for purchase. Paul noted that Roku does not make any attempt to provide a list of content options because there are so many and they keep changing. A key point made about content, none of the content is current real time. It all has a delay including news and sports but not weather interestingly. John Warsinski added the Mp3MyMp3 sound recorder that lets you record the sound being processed by your sound card any source, a microphone, streaming audio from the internet, CD, turntable, cassette, phone or Skype calls, multiplayer gaming action and more and save your recording directly to MP3 or WAV format to the possible alternatives to cut your cable. And he mentioned there is an equivalent for saving the screen as well. Jack Sharp offered Rabbit TV as an addition for free movies and content. Paul’s presentation notes are available here Cut the TV Cable PDF.The Comcast move to offer hotspots on your internet service router posted by Paul Weeks on the Yahoo Loop drew a lot of discussion. The new routers provide your own personal internet access and a hotspot to others within range of your router. Paul clarified the post that Comcast said it would not reduce your bandwidth and the hotspots are only available to Comcast members. However he emphasized that you should secure your access because most internet providers are metering usage and have caps that they can enforce and will if you consistently exceed them in large ways. Lon pointed out that Service Electric TV via Penteledata offers a business class service with no cap. As well does Century Link both at a premium. Other members who have Comcast asked how they can start using the hotspots and Paul pointed out they need to sign up for the hotspot service and they get a login.John Warsinski offered up that Logmein is phasing out its free service option. For free alternatives, Bruce Arnold offered Chrome Remote Desktop, John Gbur offered Team Viewer and Lon Hosford offered Join Me.Also discussed at the meeting was the newsletter project. Lon mentioned that after uploading the PDFs, he could scan them to scrape some text into the page for the newsletter rather than using OCR in Google Drive. John Gbur was curious how he could do that and Lon pointed out he just used the Mac Preview program that comes with Mac OS. He also said it may have to do with the program or options that Paul Glattstein used for scanning. Lon mentioned that scraping the text either via OCR or in Preview, still resulted in the need for cleaning. Hyphens come forward and where there were inserted images or special letters, you got page breaks. Lon pointed out that he will get the current PDFs up to the web site and give them pages and then other members on the team can scrape some text for them and check them for transposition of text and paragraphs.
2/15/2014 Paul Weeks GPS On Your Mobile Devices
Paul covered the basics how GPS (Global Position Satellite) systems works, how mapping apps work with GPS, speed differences between smart phones and tablets versus GPS only car devices and other various technology related topics to operating GPS. Here is the presentation slides Paul used: GPS On Your Mobile Devices
1/18/2014 Marilyn Cummings History Mapping Treasured Hunterdon Using Google Earth
Marilyn Cummings presented a near decade of work she has been doing on mapping Hunterdon County Using Google Earth. For a report on her presentation see the blog post History Mapping Using Google Earth with Marilyn Cummings Also she has a website History Mapping that provides more information on this project you can join. The club meeting included Paul Weeks first month operating as the Program Chair and we congratulate him on taking on the role. The Q&A topics were dominated by word processing on an iPad. This grew into generally how to do basic office tasks on a tablet and really not have to use a personal computer at all. Apps such as Apple Pages and Google Drive were suggested. As well the Club loop had more suggestions after the meeting. The paper newsletter digitizing project was announced and soon after the meeting some volunteers came forth include former club President Maureen Barron and Bruce Arnold. The goal is to get all the club’s prior paper newsletters digitized and placed on this website.
12/21/2013 Club Holiday Party
11/16/2013 Paul Weeks Managing Your Wireless Communications
Paul talked about various ways to measure your WiFi signal strength and determine if your neighbors signal is impacting signal strength. He showed how the inSSIDer for Home program can be used to analyze your WiFi strength and performance issues. You can use the program to detect your neighbors WiFi and how it might interfere with your signal. As well you can see items such as how walls, stairways, and doors affect your wireless network coverage. He discussed alternatives to handle issues such as changing the router’s broadcast channel, connecting with direct ethernet lines, adding remote wireless access points, adjusting router antenna angles, knowing the worst signal barriers such as ceramic walls or old plaster walls with chicken wire embedded. Often folks with old homes with additions do not realize that the original outside brick wall was retained and is the reason for poor Wifi in the new space. Paul provided a worksheet for you to document findings and help analyze the results.Download Paul’s presentation PDF files Managing Your Wireless Communications and Case Studies.There are some additional notes posted the club’s Yahoo discussion group.
10/19/2013 Paul Weeks What Type of Computer Should I Buy?
Paul outlined the pros and cons of various types of computers and tablets including desktops, laptops, netbooks, Kindles, smartphones and tablets. Items such as screen size, battery life and portability were discussed. Networking choices on wifi and cellular connections were compared. Members had a particular interest in printing, storage and backup for tablets. Paul’s slide show presentation: What Type of Computer Should I Buy?
9/21/2013 Club Fall Breakfast Clinton Country Griddle
8/17/2013 Lon Hosford Mountain Lion Desktop
Lon presented an overview on the Mac Operating System version 10.8.4 called Mountain Lion. He covered key user interface features such as multiple desktops, Launch pad, Dashboard, Mission Control, System Preference and Finder. He also talked about the Adobe Cloud and the iCloud. He also explained the hardware in his Macbook Pro. The Apple store was visited and a MacBook Air was configured.
7/20/2013 Lon Hosford Short open topics
Lon moderated an extended Q&A and short topics meeting. Topics included how printers use ink during testing and start up, Rabbit TV, good habits for computer ergonomics, taming MS Office automatic correction, Staples $50 trade in for used printers, the demise of the printed version of PC World and Dell laptop inactive battery charging indicator.
6/15/2013 Paul Glattstein A Dozen QR Codes
Paul provided a presentation on various uses of QR codes. A QR code is a scannable image that virtually represent an infinite number of characters and numbers. It is free for anyone to use and the internet provides web sites such as Kaywa AG where you can create a QR Code. Included in the dozen examples were the Guinness mug that reveals a scannable QR Code when full, the world’s largest QR code in Alberta, spray painting cows in Somerby, UK, and war graves sites at Botley Cemetery in Oxford UK. Members with iPads and iPhones were able to scan the QR codes on the projector to see what information they provided. Paul pointed out that the QR code was invented by Toyota in 1994 for use in automotive manufacturing. It provided a way to accurately identify parts in the factory. Download Paul’s presentation PDF file A Dozen QR Codes.
5/25/2013 Bruce Arnold Things I Like About Ubuntu 13.04
Bruce covered the best new features of Ubuntu 13.04 such as the Apps Center, Rhythmbox for Music, Shotwell for Photos and cloud access. A comparison with Windows on items like bootup speed and functionality were covered. He included the hardware and installation requirements. He also pointed out that a read only version of Ubuntu could be installed in 5 minutes on a CD disk so you could try it without making any changes to your computer. Some discussion on VMWare Player was also included in the talk relevant to running various copies of Windows or other operating systems on the same computer.
4/20/2013 Lon Hosford iPad and Apple TV Potpourri
Topics included using the iPad as a hotspot, at wifi locations, wifi at the Hunterdon Library, cellular data, Apple Notes, installing and removing apps, Apple TV and sharing between Apple devices.
3/16/2013 Club Winter Breakfast Clinton Country Griddle
2/16/2013 Other Household Uses for a Digital Camera Paul Weeks
1/26/2013 Windows 8 Live Bruce Arnold
Windows 8 made generally available on October 26, 2012 introduces significant changes to the operating system’s platform, primarily focused towards improving its user experience on mobile devices. It has new security features such as malware filtering, built-in antivirus software, and support for secure boot. Windows 8 also introduces a new shell and user interface based on Microsoft’s “Metro” design language, featuring a new Start screen with a grid of dynamically updating tiles to represent applications, a new app platform with an emphasis on touchscreen input
7/21/2012 Paul Weeks Backup Planning
5/19/2012 Paul Weeks Evaluating and Improving Your Home Network
4/21/2012 Paul Glattstein SugarSync
3/17/2012 Paul Weeks Your DNA in Criminal Investigation CODIS Databases
2/18/2012 Bruce Arnold A Review of the Microsoft Fix-It Center
1/21/2012 Cancelled Weather uncertainty.
12/17/2011 Club Holiday Party
11/19/2011 John Warsinski Virtual Box
10/15/2011 Club Fall Breakfast
9/17/2011 David Deutsch Why Fear Social Media?
8/20/2011 Paul Weeks Google Picasa photo editing, organization and facial recognition software for individuals.
7/16/2011 Bruce Arnold Ubuntu is an operating system that can take you away from the Microsoft world. It works on new computers as well as older computers. It’s a free download. It can be tried on your own computer without erasing or changing anything.
6/18/2011 Paul Weeks Microprocessors- How Did they Evolve”. It covers the beginnings of computing devices from WWII era to the invention of the microprocessor and its evolution to today.
5/21/2011 Lon Hosford IPad2 and the changing way we are using our computers
3/19/2011 Scott Crabtree Social networking / Face Book – The hard nosed operation, facts, cautions and opportunities of the social networking industry via Facebook – A MUST for all network users
2/19/2011 Parry Snyder USB booting operating systems – A great demonstration of programs available free on the net – Sick of MS – then bring your thumb drives and upload the latest booting systems.
1/15/2011 Bruce Arnold Windows 7 has been out there for a little over a year. If you’ve made the upgrade… congratulations! Version 7 has been well received and there are dozens of reasons for this in the form of features, support and overall user-friendliness. This lecture/demonstration will underscore the best of Windows 7 features and controls.
12/18/2010 Regular meeting 9:00 a.m. to 12:30 p.m Holiday Program
The usual good Holiday Party with food and good company plus Q&A.
11/20/2010 Lon Hosford Google Analytics
10/16/2010 Suketu Shah An introduction to Google Chrome and Google open source program offering. See what free Office & Utility programs Google is offering at its Google Chrome web site.
9/18/2010 TBD Offsite Meeting
8/21/2010 Paul Glattstein The low-down on Apple’s new iPad – This presentation revolves around the new trend setting Apple iPad. The iPad’s innovative format, construction and many applications set the standards for a wave of new PC product offerings. Critics are impressed and say the new product format will be quick to replace the now popular Net Books and Media Text readers
7/17/2010 Peter Czerwinski The art of movie making on your PC – This is another one of Pete’s remarkably creative programs showing the scope, procedures, considerations and artful opportunities in converting a series of digital photos into a computerized movie presentation
6/19/2010 John Warsinski E-Mail = The Good, The Bad & The Ugly along with what is currently available with the many E-Mail providers – A must for anyone who uses e-mail services
5/15/2010 Lon Hosford FCC and Internet
1/16/2010 Lon Hosford How to Sell Products From Your Own Amazon Store or Your Web Site
2009 Dates * Speakers Topics
10/19/2009 Breakfast Meeting We do not meet at Hunterdon Medical Center. Country Griddle in Clinton, NJ.
11/19/2009 Scott Crabtree How to use and set up an effictive presentation using MS Power Point. Do’s Don’ts and the mechanics of how to manage todays Power Point
12/19/2009 Holiday Program The usual good Holiday Party with food and good company
2009 Dates Speakers Topics You Enjoyed
9/19/2009 Glynn Gelleit A study of Mother Board components, what they are and how they work: Resistors, Capacitors, Chokes, Transistors and IC’s.
8/15/2009 Carmella Vowinkel Wii = The latest computerized game and virtual reality tool. Carmella will demonstrate a series of Wii units and attachments that show the scope and future of the new innovation.
7/18/2009 Bruce Arnold
Don Colombo
Bruce: Balloons Program used at Hunterdon Senior Center computer courses. Bible web site Bruce built.
Don: Photo Story 3 and his implementation for a trip he made into Africa.
6/20/2009 Christopher Waid Computer security software & Hardware – Do’s, Don’t’s, cautions, & the consumer – The program is a must for anyone involved in today’s computing world!
5/16/2009 John Warsinski Down loading from the Net – The process, Problems, Cautions and vital free media programs to assure your down load’s proper performance
4/18/2009 Glynn Gelleit
Held in HCC Conference Room behind cafeteria.
All about batteries – Battery chemistry, types, advantages and care.
3/21/2009 Lon Hosford How to Effectively Use The Internet to Find A Job.
2/21/2009 John Gbur Slingbox – The virtues and dilemmas of the new Singbox
1/17/2009 Musa Husseini Computer Forensic Investigation
2008 Dates Speakers Topics You Enjoyed
12/13/2008 Regular meeting 8:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m Holiday Program
The usual good Holiday Party with food and good company plus Q&A.
11/15/2008 Carol Myers A quick study on Genealogy – reasons for such a study, and use of the computer for resources, research and organization
10/18/2008 Parry Snyter Safe Internet serfing = A run down on all the safty aids, programs, proceedures and attitudes to avoid being eaten by the spiders lurking in the Web!
9/20/2008 Regular meeting 8:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m HCC 20th anniversary at Perkins
8/16/2008 Peter Czerwinski Your PC on USB
7/19/2008 Scott Crabtree How to protect your computer with AC line filters.
6/21/2008 Bill Woodall Macro photography for the digital age
5/17/2008 Lon Hosford Adobe Photoshop Express Beta.
4/19/2008 John Gbur The scope, evaluation and operation of the YouTube web site
3/15/2008 Lon Hosford Using Google Adsense. How to put Google ads on your web contents such as web pages and blogs and earn money.
2/16/2008 John Warsinski The operation and evaluation of the Nero media program
1/19/2008 Bill Woodall Review of Vista = Good, Bad and Ugly
2007 Dates Speakers Topics You Enjoyed
8/18/2007 John Gbur The operation and evaluation of Skype and other Voice Over IP (VOIP) offerings.
9/16/2007 Lon Hosford Garmin Nuvi 660 show and tell and uploading videos to Google Web Album
10/20/2007 Bill Woodall Advanced digital photography both hardware, programs and procedures
11/17/2007 Paul Natanson The wonderful world of MS Office Macros – scope and how to do it
12/15/2007 Holiday Program
The usual good Holiday Party with food and good company