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The Hunterdon Computer Club provides free help to the community.

The club is a great place to get answers to questions on selecting services, equipment and software. This includes virus protection and removal, internet services, purchasing, repairs, problem diagnosis, email, web sites, tablets, phones and training.

You can bring your computer or device to club meetings and we have members who can evaluate your problem and recommend solutions.

Fees: There is no charge for this activity and membership is not required. All advice and help given by the club during its activities are free to the community.

If your problem does require significant service time that you wish to have a professional perform, there are club members who have businesses that provide those services and will provide you a discounted quote. For example if your computer seems to have a virus infection, then that would require a technical service and likely a service fee. Fixing a problem requiring a visit to your home or business generally would be a fee. Another example where a fee could be required would be replacing components such as hard drives. In the case of elderly person or disabled person who cannot leave their home, we would try to find a volunteer to provide the service time and materials free but generally materials would still need to be paid however members may have used equipment that they might provide.

Responsibility: The Hunterdon Computer Club only provides a forum to meet other members who can provide advice. The Club does not provide a service, products or make repairs. The Hunterdon Computer Club does not authorize or have anyone representing the club to provide computer hardware or software services and products. Any representations to the contrary are false.

The Hunterdon Computer Club does not guarantee or bond any individual, agent, company or members. You create your own arms length arrangement with individuals you meet at the club whether they are members or not. All transactions are between you and the person who does the work and the club is not a party to the transaction. This includes any updates, virus removal, software changes, replacing hardware or any activity that results in changes to your operating system, software, equipment or services regardless of who performed them including yourself.

Good news is many issues can be identified at the meeting and you then have an open range of where and who you want to fix the problem. In some cases, the problem is solved at the meeting.

It is strongly recommended to contact the club before bringing in equipment that might not be portable such as a tower computer to be sure we know it is coming and someone will be available to help. You can call our phone number on our contact page and leave a message.

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