Top 10 Project Management Software for Remote Teams

by Lon Hosford

I thought some of the members might be interested in how remote projects are managed.

Here is are excerpts from the article Top 10 Project Management Software for Remote Teams

The rise of remote teams has led to the production of several great online project management systems to address the problems of teams facing productivity issues and the need for real-time updates. Online project management software not only breaks the barrier of distance by providing instant communication to collaborators, but also provides them a sharing environment which every teammate can get the same update, same file and same documentation.

1. activeCollab
ActiveCollab helps collaborators through its time saving and easy-to-use features. Project leaders can set milestones for the team, add team members, assign tasks and get notified via e-mail for updates on the project. Also when replying or posting a comment, you don’t need to actually log in the system, you can reply and post comments via e-mail.

2. Assembla
Assembla has a ticketing system where teams in remote places are given tasks via tickets. I’ve used this and personally, I find it a little confusing at first but after spending some time with it, I get exactly how it works. It is like one of those online forums where people talk about things, only here, the project leader is the one who controls most of the game.

3. Basecamp
Created by 37signals, a company which believes that less is more, Basecamp focuses on communication between users to achieve optimum performance. Instead of sending e-mail to several people, users can post directly to Basecamp and let people engaged in the post, eliminating messy e-mail threads on everybody’s inbox.

4. Central Desktop

5. Confluence

6. Kapost

7. Producteev

8. Teambox

9. TeamLab

10. Time Doctor