March 20, 2010 Meeting; Presentation: Setting up a Wireless Router, Presenter: Paul Weeks

In the absence of Lon Hosford, John Gbur, Vice President of the club, handled the meeting. Since there was no old or new business to attend to, John went to taking questions from the members about their computer problems.

Q. I closed down my computer with the large button on the front and it locked up. I couldn’t turn it back on. I called HP and they said to repeat the procedure but to wait for at least one minute before restarting the computer so the software has time to close down.

A. It is not a good idea to shut down the computer with the power button unless there is no other way that will shut it down. Control, Alt, Delete will bring up the task manager and will allow you to close programs. You can also click “log off” and a new “log in” screen will come up and will allow you to restart.

Q. I have used some anti-virus software that blocked my computer. Can you recommend a better free anti-virus program?

A. MS Security Essentials anti-virus and anti-spyware is very good.

Q. If I install MS Security Essentials, do I need to delete AVG?
A. Yes. They will conflict. First download the MS Security system, then delete AVG, close down the Internet, then install the MS Security system, and then reconnect to the Internet.

If you prefer to install AVG 9, it scans all of your folders when first installed and it takes hours to complete. Select “rapid install” when you initially install it, or it will go on forever.

Q. How do you get rid of McAfee or Norton that comes with a new computer purchase?
A. You can use the Add/Remove option or the Programs and Features option under the Control Panel. Norton needs additional software to completely remove it that you need to obtain from the Norton website. With the Add/Remove program utility you can sort software by the date installed and you can determine which programs were on your computer when you purchased it. It will help you determine which software you do not use and may want to remove.

MS Config will show what is opening on starting up your computer. Uncheck those that you do not want to open on start up. Super Uninstall or PC Decrapifier can be used to clean off junk software from your computer. Go to the websites for each to read more about the software and to download the software if you wish.

Super Uninstall can be downloaded at, PC Decrapifier, , is free for personal use and can be used with XP, Vista, and is Windows 7 compatible.

Q. How do I create a PDF file?
A. CutePDF is free software that will convert your file to a PDF file from any printable document. It can be downloaded at . The software can be downloaded to a flash drive.

Paul Weeks was our presenter for this meeting. His topic was Setting Up and Using a Wireless Router. Paul described how to set up the router and explained the various fields where information is required and what should be entered in those fields and what channels are the best to use. He also discussed enabling wireless security to prevent people from using your Internet access, especially if the nearest house or residence is within 100 feet of your house, If you are concerned about your Internet data transmission integrity and if you don’t want others using your network wireless access use a different channel than your neighbors.

When setting up your security, use a unique MAC address and set the table of allowable MAC numbers so it will only accept your MAC number. If other MAC addresses try to access your systems, access will not be allowed.

For more information and all the details, go to Paul’s presentation slides which he sent to club members through a message attachment from our Yahoo group, Hunterdon Computer Club. Paul has also sent out information on NetStumbler software. For information on this software, refer to his email message also sent to our club group on Yahoo.