October 17, 2009 mtg., Annual Breakfast

A cheery group of about 30 members of the club arrived at the Clinton Country Griddle for the annual breakfast meeting. It was an unseasonably cold, rainy day, but it didn’t dampen our spirits. Everyone arrived with a hearty appetite, looking for hot coffee and tea.

The group took over a private dining room and had to spread out over one very long table and a large round one. Everyone busied themselves with the menu and most people chose the recommended special, the Good Morning Country, which consisted of two eggs, sausage, bacon, and pancakes, or hash browns and toast. As the many varied dishes began to arrive, conversation became hot and heavy. On my right, several members were deep in conversation about the latest computer software; on my left, the conversation got into all the best places to eat in the county. It was hard to keep up!

The waiters worked hard to keep everyone happy and the coffee pot filled. The members were sharing their toast with their neighbors and comparing breakfast dishes and how the eggs were cooked. One person even had a thick waffle loaded with 5 inches of whipped cream and he even asked for ice cream on top of that! But no one was counting calories. Another woman had a waffle loaded with cream and bananas. What happened to the healthy fruit that we always say we want for breakfast at the meetings at the Medical Center?

John Warsinski was prepared to give a presentation, but he didn’t. He couldn’t get anyone’s attention; they were all wrapped up in conversation. Instead he grabbed one of our needy members who is always wondering how to do things on the computer and getting into trouble because they don’t work. He explained and showed her how to direct emails from different servers to download all in one place. No more need to check for email in several different places if using different email addresses. He will be talking about this to the rest of the group in a future meeting.

We all got to know each other better, learned a few things, and had a great time. Thanks to the club for providing this fun breakfast for us and to John Warsinski for setting it up.