Embarq Joey Harper using Twitter for Support

As I have mentioned to members, DSLReports.com is a great place for following Embarq DSL issues or any carrier and general DSL education that helps your communication with support and often resolve issues without the need to call support.

In the Embarq forum, support staff from Embarq often chime in to help with discussions and issues. They are very effective in helping and certainly in my experience dedicated to help you.

In some cases they have taken the issue “off-forum” to the DSLReports version of IM to expedite the analysis.

Embarq_Joey is one who you will find at DSLReports. Embarq_Joey is his DSLReports handle. His name is Joey Harper and is out of Eastern North Carolina.

Joey is one of a few Embarq staff pioneering in newer social tools on the Internet to facilitate support. One is Twitter.

Here is a video of Joey discussing how Twitter came about and other innovative applications of the Internet used in reaching out to those in trouble.

One item I took away from the video was the effort to search for issues being discussed in places like Twitter.

Alonzo Lon Hosford