March 21, 2009 Mtg. – Using the Internet for Jobs and Your Career, Lon Hosford, Presenter

Lon Hosford, President of the club, welcomed several new people attending the meeting.  Presentations at the club are designed to appeal to learners or long time users.  People who have computer problems are welcome to bring their ailing computers to the club for help.  It was noted that Scott Crabtree is the person who schedules computer activities at the Hunterdon County Senior Center.  Many members of the club participate in delivering classes at the center.

Q.  My computer’s drive is divided into two parts, the C and the D drive.  The D drive is the backup for the C drive but it needs more capacity.  Is there a way to expand the capacity of the backup D drive?
A.  You can increase the space on the D drive through the commands under System Tools under Administrative Changes under Accessories.  There is also a utility in Vista that allows you to create a CD of the recovery drive. 
Q.  When using Outlook, I get a message that it wants to auto-archive my email messages.  Should I do it?
A.  Auto-archiving just compresses the data.  It is still the same data and can still be used.  It is just saving space.

Q.  Little blue arrows appear on my desktop icons.  Should they be there?
A.  They should be there, but they are optional and can be changed.  

Q.  My mouse pointer disappears off the right side of the screen.  What can I do?
A.  You can extend your monitor to multiple screens.  The mouse pointer will then appear on the second screen.  This can be changed.  On the Control Panel, you can personalize the mouse settings.

Q.  I am using AVG, ver. 8.  Should I download the new ver. 8.5? 
A.  Wait another few weeks and then upgrade to the ver. 8.5.  The free version of AVG, ver. 8.5 can be downloaded here. 

It was suggested that club members might want to try SyncToy Ver. 2 which is back up software available as a free download from MicroSoft.  It mirrors your data and gives choices on how you want your data backed up.  SyncToy creates another hard drive on an external drive.  It is a friendlier environment than other back up software and only backs up things that change.  Learn more on their web site, .

Another club member commented that “copy and paste” is really the most reliable backup system because sometimes backup systems don’t recognize the changes and then don’t save the changes.

If you need to transfer files from your computer to work on at home, the files can be stored on Gspace which are then available from any computer, at home or traveling.  Gspace turns 2GB of your Gmail account into free online storage.  With Gspace you can manage unlimited Gmail accounts to store all types of files; music files, picture files and so on.  You can download this free software at this site,  .

Also, it was pointed out that viruses could be hidden in the new digital picture frames onto which you download pictures from your computer.  Some of these are manufactured in China and other countries and can be the source of viruses that can infect your computer.

Presentation – Using the Internet for Jobs and Your Career, Lon Hosford

Job searching has changed a lot over the last several years.  Today the internet has made an enormous impact.  Open jobs are advertised on company and job search web sites which are available 24/7.  The job seeker needs to be aware that there may be out-of-date or bogus information on some web sites and also some posters on web sites are fishing for information or stealing information for identity fraud.
One good reliable web site to look at is The Riley Guide managed by Margaret Dikel;  This site provides resources to learn to use the internet to search for a job through tutorials, provides a long list of sites with job listings, info on how to prepare a resume and cover letter, how to prepare to negotiate a salary, and research on employers. 

In communicating with hiring managers on the internet, be brief, don’t overwrite.  Include the appropriate information at the correct time.  Focus on excellence in your communication.  Be sure to proofread your messages before you send them and send flattering pictures or professional, well-done videos.  Check your facts, ask questions, and admit when you are not clear on what is asked or required. 

Look for ways to flatter yourself.  Be sure if you are using a video as part of your application that it is short, well rehearsed, scripted, and edited.   

Learn netiquette.  Remember there is a person at the other end.  Be personable and respect their time and forgive others’ mistakes.  Sometimes it leads to other benefits.

Use the best tools for the purpose.  It might be best to use video conferencing, instant messaging, email, blogging in groups, or even picking up the phone. 

Stay connected.  Use social networking sites; such as LinkedIn, Facebook, My Space, Hi5, Ning, Xanga, Twitter, YouTube,  or Delicious.  Some of these web sites can be used in projects or socially.  Links on LinkedIn allow you to list your background, past jobs, education and to make contacts with others for social or work purposes.  By using YouTube you can meet people and show a video of your skills.  Network using these web sites to find a job.  It does not replace the normal way to find a job, but supplements it. 

Be digitally organized. Learn file management and learn to cut and paste.  Learn how to attach your resume to an email or add a picture to one of the networking web sites.  Be sure to keep a record of all log-in data.  If you can’t remember your log-in id or password, you are unable to using the site.   You can also share your bookmarks by using Foxmarks or Delicious.  If you have a personal web site, recruiters will check this out as part of their evaluation.  Put your resume on line using Google Docs, PDF links, the social networking and job search sites. 

Get the proper tools.  You need a computer, thumb drive, a good digital camera, internet access and a good printer.  You also need digital backup, digital photos, word processing, and email. 

Some job web sites to look at are, career,,, and many others.

Good luck in job searching.  The tools are here for you.