February 21, 2009 mtg., Presentation: Slingbox, John Gbur, Presenter

Lon Hosford, President of the club, opened the meeting with an overview of the purpose of the club and invited people who have computer problems to take their computer to our next meeting so members who are technically oriented can help resolve the issues.  Also, the presentation next month will be on how to find a job.  Lon suggested if anyone knew someone in the job field to forward his or her information to him and he would see if the person might be available to attend the next meeting as a resource.

Q.  My computer snaps, crackles and pops when I boot it up.  Does this indicate a problem?
A.  Turn off the computer to see if the noises are still there.  Is the sound coming from the speakers?  If it is, there is probably no problem.  If the speakers are not independently powered, the noise may be coming from the connection.
Also, it could be the power supply needs to be cleaned inside and outside of the computer.  Be sure you are getting air flow.  Beware of static charges.  There may be no problem other than the computer needs to be cleaned.

Q.  What is the best way to clean my computer?
A.  Disconnect the power to the computer and make sure there is no static around.  Then you can use a vacuum cleaner with a soft brush.  You can also use a small stiff brush or even canned air.
Q.  I have some non-functional USB ports on my computer.  Some of the ports are working but others are not.
A.  Carefully open the case and follow the wires from the USB to see if they are connected to the motherboard.
Or, put in a USB hub to expand the number of working USB connections.
Q.  My computer has 8 USB ports.  When all are in use, it shuts down one of the drives.  When using a card reader, it does not work.
A.  Get USB ports with an external power supply.  Or it is possible the computer does not have sufficient power when all the ports are in use.
A suggestion was made to try the Hunterdon Free Cycle website as a great place to give stuff away or for looking for things you would like to have.  This site can be found under Yahoo Groups.  You will have to join the group in order to post.  Go to Yahoo and type in “hunterdon nj free cycle” in the search box.
EggZack.com is another site that has information all about Hunterdon activities.
Presentation – Slingbox by John Gbur

Slingbox is innovative hardware and software that enables you to watch and control your own TV on a computer from any Internet connection.  The package can be purchased on Amazon for about $140.

Go to the Slingbox website at http://www.slingmedia.com  for detailed information.

Slingbox comes in three varieties:  Slingbox Solo allows you to watch your TV programs or DVR through the Internet on your computer or mobile phone; Slingbox Pro HD allows you to watch TV or your DVR through the Internet in High Definition; Slingbox Catcher allows you to watch your TV or DVR on another TV in your house or in the world.

This system transfers the output from your computer, whether it is cable, satellite, DVR, or whatever, through the Internet to your computer, mobile phone, or another TV.  You can change what you are viewing through the use of a virtual remote control that is visible on the screen but can be hidden while viewing shows.  This system can be connected to any device that has an output connection anywhere there is Internet access.  The system must go through a home router and the router must be on and the satellite must be on for the system to work.

Further information is available on the website.

Thanks, John, for bringing this great information to the club.  It is unusual and innovative and can be used in numerous ways.  Thanks for a great presentation.