December 15, 2007 Meeting

A gathering of at least 25 club members had a Christmas party at the Hunterdon Medical Center on Saturday, December 15.  In addition to the usual bagels and coffee, there were many other treats provided by the club members.

A brief meeting was held, primarily to answer computer questions from the members.  A discussion regarding digital TVs and how soon all televisions will need to receive digital signals drew comments from many of the members.

Other questions discussed related to having two redundant computer drives as security in case there were problems accessing the data or programs on one of the drives, how to move programs from one hard drive to another, and using a USB external hard drive as back up or a for special purpose.

Following the Q&A, the members indulged in tasting and enjoying brownies, deviled eggs, cookies, and a variety of other delectable edibles.  The chocolate covered saltine cookie recipe requested by some of the members was sent to members via the group mail box.

The next meeting will be on January 19.  Bill Woodall will give a presentation on Vista software.