Cheap/free streaming webcam for yourself

As another example of using free/low cost tech to help solve issues, I wanted to set up some sort of web cam to see if, don’t laugh, the dog hops up and sleeps on the couch while I’m at work.

So, since I didn’t have the time right now to figure out web-cam software, I figured I’d use the basics I know about to see if I could come up with a solution.

I could do it with Snagit, but that would only give snapshots at about 10 second intervals. I wanted streaming video, with 2 way audio, so I could yell at the dog and also hear her whine if I really caught her.

Anyway, even though I’m not a techie, I am good at doing workarounds. The solution is pretty simple. I put LogMeIn ( on my desktop at home – That gives me free access to the desktop pc at home from work via the web. Then, I set up another Skype account, ( and set it up so it loads video when it answers a call.

So, when I leave in the morning, I leave the PC on. From work I logIn to the pc, take control of it and start a Skype video call to my Skype account at work. my pc rings at work, I answer it and basically have a audio/video session from work to my pc at home. What’s cool is that with a camera that has pan/tilt/zoom you can even control it remotely since you can access the camera’s software controls.

I did a test at work and it worked fine with both audio and video. Can’t wait to try it tomorrow and catch that rat dog. Then, I’ll even Camtasia video capture it for proof to cram down the dog’s face.

Ha. I’ll teach that dog! I’ll keep you posted.
Bob M.

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  1. Well it worked. Caught that puppy red pawed . Low quality images is at . I was using a 12 year old low quality Logitech camera which I will be replacing shortly. I have tested this at work with the new cameras and the quality is quite good.
    Bob M

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