3 thoughts on “Nice Freeware Screen Capture Utility”

  1. Oh I like it for the price!

    I captured a bit of the desktop added text with a box background, arrow and free hand circle around a desktop icon before saving. It auto named the file 2007-04-11_075739.png

    The polygon capture was cool.

    Color picker nice addition. Eliminates the need for CPick I use a lot.

    Downloaded and installed on a machine without install privileges.

  2. Lon, Re the blog software. I tried uploading a small jpg screenshot of FastStone running and it wouldn’t let me. Said something about not being able to create folder on the server. Bob

  3. I found the same today. I need to go in and change some write privileges which I will do when I am at computer that allows the port I need to do it.

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