Short Lenovo laptop problem/fix

A programmer at work had a relatively new Lenovo laptop crash 2 days ago.  It would not boot.  He bought a usb external hard drive case with the idea of putting the hard drive in the case and using it as a external drive just to retrieve his data files.  Lenovo has special connectors that did not allow him to use it in the case so that didn’t work.

He hit downloaded the package on another PC for $4.00; Burned an image to a CD.  He put that CD in the dead Lenovo which it booted from (DOS-type interface) then ran the last program in the posted list, (NTFS Read/Write Bootdisk And Bootable CDs).  He chose checkdisk /f.  After fixing a bunch of problems and following the prompts, he rebooted the Lenovo and everything came back up fine.  He is now doing regular backups.

Bob Marciniak

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