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This is my first attempt at posting to this blog. A long-time member of the club, I will be using this platform to inform members of the latest ways I am using my computers to make life easier. I have both a Dell desktop and Sony Vaio laptop, which are networked to each other. I try to keep both up-to-date with the same application software on both, but all the data is kept on the desktop, with the laptop able to get the data over the network. This way, I can work on either machine, while updating the same data. This results in a tremendous amount of flexibility. Also, with this setup I can “experiment” with newer versions of software without jeopardizing the current environment. Is anybody else using a similar arrangement? I would like to know.
Stay tuned for future posts.

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  1. Thanks for the post John. I added your name to the Columnists sidebar category . When you write a new post, you can link it to the John Gbur category. I linked this post to it for you and also now that you have made one post no additional approvals are required.

  2. I have a similar set-up.

    The laptop is XP Home. I occassionally run Apache 1.x something with PHP 4.x something and MySQL x.x something. A USB harddrive is on it for creating a full backup.

    The desktop is Window XP Pro upgraded from Windows 98. It has tons of diskspace so is an archive on a per file folder basis. It also runs web software like IIS, JRun, Flash Media Server and such for development.

    I generally have a third machine to “experiment” with any software. Often I use machines I do not own – careful if I am sitting at your machine. 🙂

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