Adobe GoLive Going Bye Bye

Once Adobe acquired Macromedia there were a number of duplicate products that competed in the market. Two were Adobe GoLive and Dreamweaver both web site development and design tools.

So would they merge the two. If they did what would be the name?

DreamLive, GoWeaver?

Well its official, Golive will succumb to Dreamweaver CS3 (Creative Suite 3). DW CS3 is part of the Adobe Creative Suite 3. There is live video presentation to see what is in CS3.

Interestingly there are 6 package offerings

  • Design Premium
  • Design Standard
  • Web Premium
  • Web Standard
  • Production Premium
  • Master Suite

Not all of these are available for purchase as of this writing.

More info at the Adobe web site.

Lon Hosford