Carmella’s Notes from February 2007 Meeting

The February computer club meeting began with socializing between the members as they enjoyed coffee, bagels and cream cheese. New additions to the before-meeting refreshments were a fruit platter and a vegetable platter, which the members sampled and enjoyed.

Lon Hosford, President of the club, opened the February meeting by welcoming everyone. He mentioned that the HCC has been in existence for many years and its members have done community work and taught in various environments. He also noted that there is an “exchange table” outside the auditorium. The materials on the table are free for members to take, but any leftover hardware should be removed by the person who brought it if not taken by the end of the meeting. Other materials such as books and magazines left there will be disposed of at the end of the meeting.

Lon introduced four visitors at the meeting — Paul Natterman, who is a member of four other computer clubs; Floyd Evans, who is a former member returning to the club; Tony Schaefer, who is retired and interested in computers; and Pat Cardona, a friend of a current club member.

One of the members said that she was asked to donate her computer monitor to a grade school child who needs a computer. She was also looking for a used computer that could also be donated to the child. If anyone has anything available, please advise Lon so he could pass along the message.

Lon also brought up the new blogging section of our club website. He asked members to register to participate in the blog. Just go to the blog and sign up. Lon will approve the registration so the person can then make comments on meetings or other topics on the blog. A future meeting will provide information on how to use the blogging software.