Writing a new post

If your authorization level is set to author, you can start new posts.

You need to login. Once logged in you arrive into the administration area. The choices in this area are filtered for your level of authorization.

You select the “Write” menu choice and then the “Write Post” submenu choice. Then you start writing using the html editor. You also can switch to html view if you are an html coder. Otherwise it is like a word processor limited to the features of html pages.

Remember to add a title and select one or more categories on the right side bar.

You can Save and Continue Editing as you go. The post is not published.
You can Save. The post is not published and the edit area clears. A link “Your drafts” appears at the top of the Write Post title so you can continue editing or come back later.

You can Publish. This saves and the post appears on the blog.

2 thoughts on “Writing a new post”

  1. Lon,
    I found it difficult to write my last post because I could not see the words when they went behind the list of selections on the right of the screen. I posted it and then went back to try to edit it to make some minor corrections, but I had the same problem. The words were hidden and I could not edit the post. What is the correct way to handle this?

  2. I went to edit your post and it appeared fine.

    One item is that I believe the editor is based on the internal scripting language Javascript for the web browser. I am using FireFox 1.5 and FireFox 2.0. So perhaps this or something else is different on your system that WordPress has as an issue. I know there is an update to WordPress and perhaps that may have an item related to this. Not sure when I will get to add the update.
    You should also see the row of HTML icons above the editing screen also. I remember I had to provide a code line change in the actual PHP code I found on the net to get that to show, but then that would effect all users not just me.
    In the meantime, you can edit your document in other tools, and keep a local copy, then simply select all, delete and paste from your other document. See if that helps.

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