It is the Apple of my IEye

Is it a sign of technology changing? Apple Computer Inc. has dropped the word computer from its name. The company known for making the personal computer popular and claiming the better GUI interface with the Mac in now known as Apple Inc.

Cannot imagine being called Apple, Inc in the 1970’s when computing was perculating into social consciousness. What would we have thought? Was it a grower of apples, a distributer of apples, a canner of apples, what?

We would not even have winked a thought that it would have been a TV, music or a phone enterprise.

Of course we have the IPod and now the IPhone from Apple. These products embed computer technology. Embedding computer technology are predictions of the 1980’s and 1990’s – computers in everything from doorknobs to fingernails. As well science fiction writers play with stories of embedded intelligence evolving to where we do not control it or understand it (Spiderman 2 if you are looking for a more recent example).

I am not yet an IPod owner. I do see more folks running around with IPod patches (IPods strapped to the upper arm or other body parts). I suspect will not be waiting to be an IPhone owner unless there is a compelling business (money to be made) reason. I am likely to be a holdout for IShades – sun glasses that contain my phone, computer and internet access. Real cool idea for a modern Dick Tracy television series.

But why stop there, how about IEyes. Just pluck them out and place the biotech versions in your sockets. Bink once you see the world. Blink again you see I Love Lucy. Blink again you are Googling. Blink again you see spam. Blink again …

Well Ithink Ibetter Igo Inow. May many happy bits flow your Iway.

Lon Hosford

Reprint with permission from Lon Hosford’s blog.