Hunterdon Computer Club Newsletter October 1999

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Hunterdon Computer Club October 1999 Newsletter
Hunterdon Computer Club October 1999 Newsletter Banner By Joe Burger 

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The Hunterdon Computer Club held its regular meeting on Satur- day, September 24, 1999, in the Hunterdon Medical Center audito- rium , Flemington, NJ. President Lon Hosford called the meeting to or- der at 9:30 A.M. Marlyn Reuter was our solitary new guest, and became our newest member. She is a 20 year veteran of computers, puts out her church’s newsletter, teaches at King- wood, teaches piano, and in her spare

John Besold, a guest, spoke about photography as a major interest.

Q and A:

The monthly question about hard drive space led to suggestions to delete history and cookie files. History has a file for each web page you look at, not just one for each URL One way to find these is to click on Start\Settings\Control Panel\Internet \General\Temporary Internet Files\Delete; then below that History\clear. This may slow up your access to favorite Net spots, but it will free HD space. Cookies are the record of any sign in or registration, you have done. You can delete them in Windows Explorer under Windows.

Jim reported a problem with a CD that played samples of the first 9 tracks, only. Installing a new drive didn’t help. Cure: Somewhere on the CD setup there is a setting called Pre- view. Uncheck this. John Warsinski re- minded all of the Motto of the Senior Classes: READ THE SCREEN.