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When: December 20, 2014 9:00 am to approx. 12:30 noon

Topic:  Annual Holiday Meeting – Kindle Paper White and Senior Program

Presenters:  Bruce Arnold and Scott Crabtree

Summary: This is our annual holiday meeting. We have the normal Q&A. This year we are also going to have two presentations:

1. Kindle reader “Paper White” demo/presentation by Bruce Arnold.

2. 2015 Course Offering/Planning Changes at the Hunterdon County Senior Center by Scott Crabtree. Presentation will be oral and will focus on changes to overall planning/timing of courses at the Senior Center.

Members traditionally bring favorite holiday treats to share.

We collect can and other dry goods for the need donation centers. So bring them if you like.

Where: Hunterdon Medical Center A/B Room

Registration: The Hunterdon Computer Club meetings are open to the general public at no charge and all interested parties may attend on a walk-in basis.

Bring your questions to the meeting. Club members love to discuss and answer questions at the Q&A portion of the meeting.

Need Help
Bring your computer, device, internet problems and questions to our meeting open to the public and we will try to help you. More information

Zero Footprint Policy
It is absolutely important at all events you clean up after yourself. Return any chairs or tables you moved, turn off overhead projectors, return any AV equipment or wires you used, take back with you any books, manuals, equipment and other relics you brought in the hope someone wanted it. Especially hardware! Locations such as the Hunterdon Medical Center are not dumpsters for electronics. We are their guest.

Newsletter Digitizing Project

The past paper newsletters for the club are being digitized and added to the website. Current status.

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